Nov. 19th, 2009

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Introducing Mochi Clark!

She's a shelter cat, estimated to be around two years old. I adopted her in mid October and she's warmed up to me amazingly fast. Penelope and her are still working out their relationship, but they'll hang out in the same room now. (As you can see in the picture above, Penelope is chilin' in the window.)

Unrelated: This is just pretty. I took the picture in Madison, WI when I was up visiting Sylvie in late summer.

This is Mochi and my first modified 'Aaron shot' (when neither person looks at the camera). Technically, you're not supposed to smile in these 'Aaron shots', but who can help it when you have a happy little cat jumping into your lap and purring every time you sit down?

For those unfamiliar with Japanese, mochi is a type of (usually) sweet cake made from pounded rice. They are usually white, although they come in different colors, and sometimes can be filled with cream, strawberries, sweet beans, and other things. It's one of my favorite Japanese traditional sweets, and they are typically made into little round balls. Mochi, the cat, has three brown and one black, round markings on her back that look like a paw print. For some reason they remind me of little stacks of mochi. And then there's the saccharin sweet comment that I could make... she's sweet like mochi. Yeah, that's a little too Hallmark, huh?

Penelope has been pretty good about sharing her space, and I've been giving her extra attention.

Penelope is still as beautiful and wonderful as ever.

Mochi has the cool genetic trait that makes her polydactyl. I've not noticed any increased dexterity that can accompany this trait, but you never know. ;)

And now you've been officially introduced to the newest addition of my family!
Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!


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